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CHROME 1983 (Analog Lab Preset Bank)

CHROME 1983 (Analog Lab Preset Bank)

Introducing "Chrome 1983 Analog Lab Bank"! Step back into the neon-lit era of the 80s

with our latest sound bank for Analog Lab, meticulously crafted by the talented sound

designer Celaya to evoke the iconic sounds of popular synthesizers from the era.

With 70 custom-designed sounds, "Chrome 1983" is a sonic time capsule, capturing the

essence of vintage analog synthesis and bringing it into the modern age. Each preset is

lovingly crafted from scratch by Celaya, drawing inspiration from legendary synths

of the 80s to deliver a nostalgic palette of sounds that will transport you straight to the heart of retro-futurism.

From lush pads and shimmering leads to fat basslines and nostalgic arpeggios, "Chrome 1983" offers

a diverse array of sounds that pay homage to the sonic landscapes of the past while providing

endless inspiration for contemporary music production. Bass, leads, synthwave synths,

polysynths, and more - all straight from the 80s.

Whether you're a seasoned synth enthusiast looking to relive the glory days of the

80s or a modern producer seeking to infuse your tracks with vintage

charm, "Chrome 1983" has something for everyone.

Unlock the magic of the 80s with "Chrome 1983 Analog Lab Bank" by Celaya.

Download now and embark on a journey through the retro-futuristic soundscape of a bygone era.

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